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FREE ACTIVITY - Entrepreneurship Curriculum for Secondary Education



Full course description

Course description

Entrepreneurship education has evolved - join us in growing the next wave of entrepreneurs. BizInnovator Startup offers educators a "Entrepreneurship Hook" activity" 4-5 hours of free turn-key entrepreneurship curriculum so you can start creating a student-led, interactive classroom experience.

“As an educator who has been teaching entrepreneurship for many years, I love adding new curriculum resources to my students’ experience. BizInnovator Startup is full of great content and engaging activities. I love that it is built on the same concepts used in colleges and universities – this curriculum really gives my students a taste of what it means to find problems and solve them with an entrepreneurial lens.” — Diane Fickel, HS Business Teacher

The BizInnovator Startup free unit can be offered virtually or face-to-face. It includes a unit scope and sequence that allows you to enroll today and deliver tomorrow. At the heart of the program is the Lean Startup Method, Design Thinking, and Pitching new ideas. The curriculum utilizes the Business Model Canvas and Customer Discovery process while still affording you the ability to incorporate a traditional Business Plan.

“I would highly recommend that high school entrepreneurship courses incorporate BizInnovator Startup. Because it is built around the Lean Startup Method, the curriculum provides a new way of thinking about and teaching entrepreneurship and starting a business. The hands on and student-led approach is very appealing.” — Corey Brinkmeyer, HS Business Teacher

It focuses on validating ideas with facts instead of guessing and spending time moving in the wrong direction. If you’re looking for fun, easy to use curriculum resources to help your students tap into their entrepreneurial spirit, enroll today.

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